St. Joseph Community School will be known for its faith filled service within the community, instilling in our students the value of empathy, sacrifice, and respect.

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New to scrip?

Let us know how you'd like to donate your portion of the rebate: to a family tuition account (preschool-grade 8), to our tuition assistance program, or simply to the school. For administering the Scrip program, St. Joseph Community School retains 50% of the rebate from your purchase to be applied toward the school needs as defined by the School Board. The remainder of the rebate will be applied to your tuition statement.

Physical Card Orders:

St. Joseph Community School will order physical cards once a month on the 1st of each month. That means we are placing an order with our supplier, RaiseRigh, who provides us with any of the national retailers on our order form or at Payment will be due at the time your order is placed. We do not have any cards in stock here at school. Turn around time, for shipment is typically 5 business days.

Ecards/Reloadable Cards:

Try the new RaiseRight app to make scripshopping easy! Need something right away? Get ScripNow ecards or Reload your physical cards. Now you can order and pay in just one app.  For help with this, call our office at 641-394-2865.

Save on your tuition and help St. Joseph Community School just by using gift cards for your purchases at stores, restaurants, and more. If you have a student at St. Josephs, half of the rebate listed is applied to your tuition the next semester! Preschool through grade 8 families are eligible to participate.


  1. RAISERIGHT our supplier offers 700+ vendors ordered once a month

    • Popular vendors/chains are listed on our paper form 

    • Order any cards listed on

  2. ECARDS and RELOADS  For those who set up online accounts

    1. eCards and Reload Cards are available for instant purchase. These are great for online and in-person shopping or last minutes gifts. 


  1. Check/cash (at time of order)

  2. Online

    1. Link your bank account with RaiseRight for easy, no-fee payment d

    2. Use Mastercard or Visa A 2.6% fee applies, but most cardholders will earn Scrip dollars if the listed rebate is 6% or more. Check your card benefits to determine the percent rebate you need to offset the fee.)  

    3. For current families, think about it before you let the 2.6% fee scare you away! For example, if your credit card offers points or rebate equal to 1.5%, you are really only paying 1.1 % to use a Visa or MC and that’s easily offset with many vendor's rebates.

    4. Not using Scrip because you love credit card points? It’s a no brainer now because you earn tuition $$ on top of your points!